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'Pacify your lust before the all-seeing eye feels your heartbeat rising' by Laura

'Verticality as Fantastic Occupation' by Štefan Papčo at Zahorian & Van Espen, Br

'I was keeping it all safe for you' by Jaroslav Kyša at Zahorian & Van Espen, Bra

˙˚º˚˙°Burnt゜゚・˙ Ash˙・School .。by Anežka Hošková and Nik Timková at ZAHORIAN & VA

'The Hills Have Eyes', a Group Show by A.M.180 at Hotdock project space, Bratisla

‘A dose of a shared after-taste‘ by Barbora Zentková & Julia Gryboś at Nová Cvern

'Greenfashion' by Radek Brousil at Nova Cvernovka, Bratislava