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'MOUTHLESS Part I' by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė

SADYRIA by Posthuman Studies Lab (Nikita Sazonov, Katya Nikitina)

Armen Avanessian: ‘So let us ask, why we still call this a capitalist world?’

'A Whole Other Level', essay by Kuba Bąk for 'Enter the Heat' by Inside Job

Andrew Birk: ‘Making art is like trying to solve an equation that is shifting and

Kaspars Groševs, 427 Gallery: ’We show stuff that we believe in, we work with art

Graham Harman: 'As for how the object resists being exhausted, I don’t think it n

Fabio Santacroce: ’I like to think of art as a latent force’

Alessandro Di Pietro: 'Artists still create idols to love or to be destroyed, whe

Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite: 'Through my nose, through your every pore, we

TARWUK: 'Welcome to the tunnels made of flesh, where tall fires keep on burning a

Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig: 'What interests us is how an ordinary object or a

Iain Ball: 'Everything is going to change, and it will happen really quickly'

Anna Solal: 'What is important is the route that one decides to take, and to be w

Viktor Timofeev: 'That is probably the only absolute truth I do believe in: the n

Lara Joy Evans: 'Now the artist should be in the depths of the mud'

Bora Akinciturk: 'I really liked the idea that the world is a kind of papier-mâch

'It won’t only kill you, it will hurt the whole time you’re dying' by Monia Ben H