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'Medieval Minded', a Group Show at Stigter van Doesburg Gallery, Amsterdam

'Snoozin' Gutssss', a Group Show Curated Curated by mrzb at Neverneverland, Amste

'Drama Pur' by Katharina Cameron at Available & The Rat, Rotterdam

'Still Making Art – Volume One', a Group Show at Studio ORAC, Amsterdam

'Femke Hears a Who' by Clementine Edwards & Alexander Iezzi at Peach, Rotterdam

'A Room of One’s Own' by Jade Fourès-Varnier & Vincent de Hoÿm at Plat, Amsterdam

'KIDS OF CHAOS: Scene of Evacuation' by Timur Akhmetov at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuize

'Pause for the cause' by Indrikis Gelzis at CINNNAMON, Rotterdam

'Meta Darlings', a Group Show at No Man’s Art Gallery, Amsterdam

'If the moon was a cookie' by Sarah Pichlkostner at P/////AKT, Amsterdam

'Die Gehaltene Hand' by Christiane Blattmann at Marwan, Amsterdam

'Tax-Free Trolling' by Anton Halla + Helena Tan at, Amsterdam

'haptic rooms missing deeds' by MRZB //, Amsterdam

‘Ancient Workers’ by Ca­therine Bi­occa at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen

'Kiss off life' by Janina Frye at P/////AKT, Amsterdam

'Hyper-domestic Wall-pieces' by Aaron McLaughlin at Bologna, Amsterdam

'Breeder' by Puck Verkade at Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague

'OilRain' by Viktor Timofeev at Roodkapje, Rotterdam

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