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'GOWTHER', Off-Site Group Show at Bottega Storica Vincioni, Rome

'DIO C’È', Group Show at Ultrastudio, Pescara

'cari cani' by Valentina Furian at UNA, Piacenza

'By working the soil we cultivate the skies' by KINDERSPIELE at Macao, Milan

'Mostra collettiva di pittura da Sasha', a Group Show in Corso Brescia 23, Turin

'SLAG' by Marco Ceroni at GALLLERIAPIU, Bologna

'La ragazza di città' by Lucia Leuci at TEMPESTA gallery, Milan

'POLICY OF THE SUN' by Fabio Santacroce at NICO, Bari

'Eurodaemons' by Jess Mai Walker at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'Extra Medium' by Vladislav Markov at Spazio ORR, Brescia

'Powerless' by David Hanes at Spazio ORR, Brescia

'Splendido' by Paolo Brambilla at Secret Location, Italy

'Il Portico' by Benni Bosetto at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'Weathered Shabby Shabby Brenches: Vernal Festivity of the Four Clari' by MRZB at

'Lo Zoo di Vetro', Off-Site Show Organised by Viola Morini and Giacomo Giannanton

'BAITBALL (01)', a Group Show at Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare

'SAM' by Nicole Colombo at BitCorp for Art, Milan

'S/S/P' by Roberto Alfano and Oliviero Fiorenzi at The Address, Brescia

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