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'The Tiler' by Trevor Bourke at Afternoon Projects, Vancouver

Afternoon Projects is pleased to present The Tiler, a solo exhibition by Montreal-based artist Trevor Bourke. Trevor’s practice focuses on reinterpreting objects and figures through ceremony by infusing aspects of veneration, grace and becoming into iconography. The amalgamation of these motifs imbues the painted surface with tensions between mysticism, the grotesque and Eros creating windows into moments of mercurial time. 

Throughout this new series of paintings, Bourke has created a testimony of sorts to establish myth into space. As a result Bourke has amended his language of form and colours to distil a numinous narrative of mystery in search of structure and revelation. Here at the intersection of experiencing both fascination and mystery, Bourke’s paintings lend themselves to constitute a personal and non-rational experience exposing the realm of imagination with jagged bodies of colour brimming amidst fractured spaces. These figure inhabit Bourke’s imagination as archetypes of his own devotional practice taunting him to question his relationship to the sublime. 

16.4.23 — 23.5.23

Afternoon Projects

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