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'STAY SAFE', Off-Site Group Show by Shivers Only, Chantemanche

'Anticipatory Grief' by Michael Bussell at Vent Space, Baltimore

'Faya Lobi' by Xavier Robles de Medina at Praz-Delavallade, Paris

'Burial of the White Man' by EXILE, Kleiner Gleichberg, Thuringia

'Ideas of Good and Evil' by Maddie Kuzak at darkZone, New Jersey

'Am Zahn - der Zorn' by Jonas Wiese and Lennart Mink Weber at Galerie Raumlinksre

Fabio Santacroce: ‘Even the most progressive artistic ambition ended up in being cannibalized and has perpetuated the dominant patriarchal western-centrist colonial model. We are all trapped and we are all contributing to a mythology that frantically tries to unravel itself, seeking for absolution and fortifications, between common sense, academia, institutionalization and mystification’. More…

'Neopangean Nest' Curated by Peter Bencze at Keep Showing Club, Neopangea

'L’éclipse' by Lauren Coullard at A.ROMY, Geneva

'Ashes to Ashes' by Øleg&Kaśka at Skala, Poznań

'C', a Group Show at GOMO, Vienna

'Proposition Joe' by raúl i. lima at WAF Galerie, Vienna


Alessandro Di Pietro: ‘If monsters arise from the fear of the future's inevitability, the ghosts of monsters are a journey through time in which a condition of cultural crisis is clarified, paraphrasing Gramsci, in the fact that the old dies and the new cannot be born: in this interregnum they verify the most varied morbid phenomena’. More…

'Lección de Anatomía' by TRRUENO & Underground Flower, Buenos Aires

'À l’endroit et à l’envers du temps / we’ve got time' by Antoine Donzeaud at Geor

'Il Portico' by Benni Bosetto at ALMANAC INN, Turin

'PARASITES OF FRAGMENTED GARDENS' by Annkathrin Kluss at Warte für Kunst, Kassel

'The Ladder' by Cyriaque Blanchet, Lucille Leger at Domestic Cults at Scale, Nant

Andrew Birk: ‘Making art is like trying to solve an equation that is shifting and

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