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'FAM', Group Show at Zape, Valencia

'Amfitrions i hostes' by Ximo Ortega and Mari Giner at Zape, Valencia

'Two Suns Upon Shatt al Jarid' by Monia Ben Hamouda at Pols, Valencia

'An Exercise in Violence' by Guillermo Ros at IVAM, Valencia

'A promise' by Marina González Guerreiro at Rosa Santos, Valencia

'Backstage' by Disruptive/Pattern at A10, Valencia

'LMXJVSD' by Marina G Guerreiro at Pols, Valencia

'Unchained Vol. 1' by Guillermo Ros and Alberto Feijóo at A10, Valencia

Demise: of a Dream + Smegma at A10, Valencia

'Always tired and shitty weather in New York' by Paul Barsch and Tilman Hornig at

'C16H18ClN3S' by M Reme Silvestre at A10, Valencia

'Troquei Whey Por Um Gol Quadrado' by Guillermo Ros at Galería Punto, Valencia