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'Masters and Servants', Group Show Curated by Guillaume Breton at Centre d’art Yg

'Thundercage 31' by Matthias Odin and Valentin Begarin at Thunder Cage, Aubervill

'Eupepsia' by Antonin Giroud-Delorme at Placement Produit, Aubervilliers

'Sleep No More', Group Show Curated by Fiona Vilmer & Liza Maignan at Placement P

'Aphélie, toutes les étoiles sont déjà mortes', Group Show at Centre d’Art Ygrec-

'(2024)' by Juliette Ayrault, Hugo Laporte at Thunder Cage, Aubervilliers

'Rose Button' by Romain Vicari at Placement Produit, Aubervilliers

Thunder Cage XII by Antonin Giroud-Delorme vs Sarah Montet, Aubervilliers

'TILT II', a Group Show Curated by nikolaiykm / 3 rue du Tournant, Aubervilliers

'Mum please' by Laura Gozlan at La Chambre, Aubervilliers