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'Burial of the White Man' by EXILE, Kleiner Gleichberg, Thuringia

'Am Zahn - der Zorn' by Jonas Wiese and Lennart Mink Weber at Galerie Raumlinksre

'PARASITES OF FRAGMENTED GARDENS' by Annkathrin Kluss at Warte für Kunst, Kassel

'Where We Are', Off-Site Show by Marcel Hiller and Markus Saile, Cologne

'Coders Reuse Us' by Keith Farquhar at Neuer Essener Kunstverein, Essen

'Among strangers' by Gabriel Stoian at Basis, Frankfurt am Main

'ULTRA' by Alfons Knogl, Lukas Schmenger at Artothek, Cologne

'This Tragedy', a Group Show at Fonda, Leipzig

'(U.F.O.) Unreadable For Others' by Botond Keresztesi at Future Gallery, Berlin

'The Nameless Healer: Prologue' by Antonin Giroud-Delorme at FUGiTIF residency, L

'Die ZWEITE HAND' by Niclas Riepshoff at Stadium, Berlin

Behrang Karimi at Zarinbal Khoshbakht, Cologne

'Selfing' by Elif Saydam at MÉLANGE, Cologne

'When I dropped the rocket on the vacuum cleaner', a Group Show at Strizzi, Colog

'Dungeons and Dasein' by Elin Gonzalez + Sami Schlichting at Lucas Hirsch, Dussel

'VARIABLES' by Iza Tarasewicz at Loggia, Munich

'By All Means, You Can Have Two Halloweens' by Whitney Claflin at DREI, Cologne

'The Vapours', a Group Show at Kunstverein Bamberg and Kunstraum Kesselhaus, Bamb

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