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'Re: Recover; Don't make angels dream of' by Yamamoto Shohei at Ritsuki Fujisaki

Solo Booth for EASTEAST_TOKYO 2023 by Taka Kono with Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, To

'down4u' by Taka Kono at Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery, Tokyo

'Good Number // Bad Bridge' by Alex Mackin Dolan and Jasper Spicero at 4649, Toky

'LENT' by TARWUK at Taito Ryokan, Tokyo

'Feelings for a Spider', a Group Show at 4649, Tokyo

'苦労のない穴にさようなら comfortable hole bye', a Group Show at 4649, Tokyo

'Post Living Room', a Group Show at Hikarie 8 /CUBE 1, 2, 3, Tokyo