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'FLITTER FLITTER' by Tornike Abuladze and Sebastian Quast at AkademieGalerie, Mun

'Saint Andrew's Vision of the Great Trek' by Andrew Gilbert at SPERLING, Munich

'Friends Objects' by Helin Alas at Loggia, Munich

'VARIABLES' by Iza Tarasewicz at Loggia, Munich

'Barely Furtive Pleasures', a Group Show at Nir Altman, Munich

'Solid Kats' by Jonathan Penca at Loggia, Munich

'Vier' by Maria VMier at GiG Munich, Munich

Various Others: Paul Gondry / KAYA (Kerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers) Hosted by Debo

Nicolás Lamas & Tramaine de Senna at Mélange & Sabot hosted by Loggia, Munich

'DebutantInnen 2019' by Neringa Vasiliauskaitė at Galerie der Künstler, Munich

'GOODBYE Deutschland' by Laura Hinrichsmeyer at Loggia, Munich

'Gertrude', a Group Show at Loggia, Munich

'Annexed Future' by Littlewhitehead (Craig Little & Blake Whitehead) at Nir Altma

'Selected Ambient Works 85-92' by Kalas Liebfried at Nir Altman, Munich

'Der Gerümpelträger' by Stefan Fuchs at Loggia, Munich

'themen' by Johanna Klingler & Robert Keil at Loggia, Munich

'Drift Drift Drift' by Kenneth Alme at Studio Picknick, Berlin / Loggia, Munich

'Also, was ist das für ein Haus?' by Lennart Schweder & Ari Sariannidis at Loggia

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