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IN CONVERSATION CHAPTER #3: Dora Economou and Andrei Pokrovskii at RIBOT, Milan

'Figures of Speech', Group Show Curated by Dobroslawa Nowak and Nicola Nitido at

'Duru Duru' by Stefano Serusi at Galleria Arrivada, Milan

'Lonely Daters' by Marie Matusz at Clima, Milan

'Noble Experiment' by Giuliana Rosso at MASSIMO, Milan

'WHELLCOME PRELUDE' by Alessandro Simonini at Edicola Radetzky, Milan

'Sole con le code' by Valerio Nicolai at Clima, Milan

'A Lovely Place' by Oliviero Biagetti at Zona Blu, Milan

'The Host' by Pakui Hardware at eastcontemporary, Milan

'Relief' by Cezary Poniatowski at Basilica di San Celso, Milan

'Breathing in the Shallows' by Inside Job (Ula Lucińska & Michał Knychaus) at eas

'Lo Spavento Vinse Il Giorno' by Alessandro Di Pietro at Mega, Milan

'SO REMEMBER THE LIQUID GROUND' by Agnieszka Brzeżańska at eastcontemporary, Mila

'By working the soil we cultivate the skies' by KINDERSPIELE at Macao, Milan

'La ragazza di città' by Lucia Leuci at TEMPESTA gallery, Milan

'Lo Zoo di Vetro', Off-Site Show Organised by Viola Morini and Giacomo Giannanton

'SAM' by Nicole Colombo at BitCorp for Art, Milan

'Ora che il ghiaccio è rotto, parliamo', a Group Show at Rouge project space, Mil

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