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'Syllables in Heart' by Thomas Bremerstent at Salgshallen, Oslo

'Peel' by Stian Ådlandsvik at Van Etten Gallery, Oslo

'NULL' by Anders Holen at Norwegian Sculptors Society, Oslo

'The Remains of Genetic Salon' by Bobby Yu Shuk Pui at Podium, Oslo

'Out of love' by Kaare Ruud at Hulias, Oslo

'And Darkness the Right Hand of Light', Group Show at MELK

'IIII', Group Show Curated byKenneth Alme at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo

'YOU ARE HERE' by Linda Lerseth at Podium, Oslo

'Shhhhhhh' by Bruno Zhu
 at UKS, Oslo

'Bouquet', a Group Show at Caravan, Oslo

'Gapahuk' by Kenneth Alme at the Scandinavian Institute of Culture, Oslo

'The Banned Exhibition' by Darja Bajagić & Boyd Rice at Galleri Golsa, Oslo

'Sweet Guardian' by Viktor Timofeev at Podium, Oslo

'Ys Mantic Systems' by Core.Pan at Noplace Gallery, Oslo