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Group Exhibition #2 at Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art, Fall River

'Forever Mall', Group Show Curated by Anna Frost at Shoot The Lobster, Los Angele

'Imaga' by Stanislava Kovalcikova at 15 Orient, New York

'Hell is Hot and the World Is Cold' by Sven Loven at No Gallery, New York

'Hyperspace Lexicon volume five', Group Show Curated by Nicholas Campbell, Los An

'American Primitive' by Matthew Kerkhof and Holiday Lake Lin Kerkhof at Holiday

'Christmas in July', Group Show at East Hampton Shed, New York

'Homecoming' by Guardian Angel School at Gern en Regalia, New York

'Suspension of Belief' by Anaïs Morales at Prairie, Chicago

'Holding Patterns' by Amy Stober at Springsteen, Baltimore

'Disease was my Life Coach', Group Show Organized by Jacques Louis Vidal at Lubov

TARWUK at Kunsthalle Wichita

'burden', Group Show at darkZone, New Jersey

'ill omen 1' by Taka Kono & Claudia Dyboski at Dungeon, Detroit

'Transfer Station' by Sophie Friedman-Pappas at Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York

'Bowman’s Capsule' by John-Elio Reitman at Baader-Meinhof, Omaha

'Dresses Without Women' by Bailey Connolly & Isabelle Frances McGuire at Mickey,

'The Harvest' by Mauricio Muñoz and Andrew Roberts at Delaplane, San Francisco

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