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'Flesh of Earth' by Suzanna Zak at Prairie, Chicago

'Playset' by Emma Pryde at Mickey, Chicago

☼ by chukwumaa + Zoë Argires at New Works, Chicago

'Teaching a perv how to eat honeysuckle' by Faysal Altunbozar at Prairie, Chicago

'Song of the Other Worm' by Manal Kara at Prairie, Chicago

'don’t look. now.' by Elliott Jamal Robbins at Everybody, Chicago

'BORN' by Paul Heyer at Mickey, Chicago

'Evolve Right Now' by Joel Dean at Prairie, Chicago

'Coch/lear/sweat' by Vincent Larouche at New Works, Chicago

'Death Fantasy' by Chloe Patricia at Prairie, Chicago

'The Sun Hung Low or A Question Loomed' by Morgan Mandalay
 at Everybody, Chicago

', her x mark' by Emma Robbins at Mickey, Chicago

'Reclinados' by Andre Filipek-Magana at Prairie, Chicago

'Saturnine', a Group Show at Chicago Manual Style, Chicago

'Sissy No Fool' by Marcel Alcalá at Mickey, Chicago

'Pot of Snot' by Kira Scerbin at Prairie, Chicago

'murmur' by Daniel G. Baird at Patron, Chicago

'Touch Me With Your Tongue' by Sylvie Hayes-Wallance & Laura McAdams at New Works

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