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Jakub Jansa

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'Jakub Jansa: SHAME TO PRIDE (Club of Opportunities, ep. 7)' by Jakub Jansa at Mo

'Every Offbeat Step, Every Footprint Left', Group Show Curated by PGS in Prisonin

'Sanpaku Eyes', a Group Show at Espai Tactel, Barcelona

'Spectators Disease', a Group Show at Polansky Gallery, Prague

'Ten Years Night' by Jakub Jansa at Fotopub Project Space (Mihelic’s GAS STATION)

'CLUB OF OPPORTUNITIES Ep.5: Keeping in Line' by Jakub Jansa at NoD Gallery, Prag

Come Dine With Adrian Altman!

'Britanica Bootcamp' by Jakub Jansa at CEAAC, Strasbourg

'My name is Red Herring (S1.E3)' by Jakub Jansa at Fotograf Gallery, Prague

'April Showers Bring May Flowers' by Jakub Jansa & Karolina Jurikova at Gallery A

'Club of Opportunities' by Jakub Jansa, organized by HUNT KASTNER, Prague