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Michele Gabriele

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'Œuvres Collectives & Insectes Sélectionnés' by New Scenario at after hours, Pari

'The Vernal Age of Miry Mirrors' by Michele Gabriele Curated by Treti Galaxie at

'Sleeping Twin', Off-Site Group Show, Chicago

'Endless Nostalghia', Off-Site Project Curated by Treti Galaxie, Italy

Ode to the Shitty Situations and Tragicomic Events in an Artist’s Life' by Mich

'BAITBALL (01)', a Group Show at Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a Mare

'Northern Lights', a Group Show at Alta Art Space, Malmö

'Love Data' by Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele at Alios 16ème Biennale d’A

'SUPERHOST', a Group Show at Foothold / Like A Little Disaster, Polignano a mare

'Tangled Depictions' by Michele Gabriele at Gossamer Fog, London

'SWAMP', a Group Show at Berlinskej Model w. Galerie Tobias Naehring, Prague

'Swamp Horses', a Group Show at Spirit Vessel and Altan, Girona

'ORRIDO 120', a Group Show Curated by Something Must Break and Zoë De Luca / Host

'The Missing Link. On every point of a sphere' by Michele Gabriele
 at Eduardo Se

'Basic Extinct' by Pierre Clement & Michele Gabriele at Silicone, Bordeaux

StickerSUV by PANE project at Werkschauhalle Leipzig

Et al. & Et al. etc. presents ‘Man-Thing vs. Swamp Thing’ // San Francisco

‘Clumsy and Milky: encoding the last quarter of a pose‘ by Michele Gabriele at Wh

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