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Viktor Timofeev

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'DOG' by Viktor Timofeev at Interstate Projects, New York

'Deformation without tearing and gluing', Group Show at Carbone 20, Saint-Etienne

'Game' by Viktor Timofeev at MX Gallery, New York

'God Objects' by Viktor Timofeev at Karlin Studios, Prague

'Blasted Heath', a Group Show at A.M. 180 Gallery, Prague

'I had amnesia once or twice', a Group Show at Polansky Gallery, Brno

'0ne More Thing' by JODI at No Moon, New York

'Mice in mine, made my mind like a maze-like mine', a Group Show Curated by PGS a

Viktor Timofeev - Dailies (2009 x 2019)

'The Chasm', a Group Show Organized by Yves-Michele Saß at Franz-Josefs-Kai 3/17,

'B', a Group Show Curated by Ilya Smirnov at Money Gallery, Moscow

Swamp Protocol Curated by Most Dismal Swamp at Arebyte, London

'When the Sick Rule the World', a Group Show Curated by Christina Gigliotti at Gr

'Aminals' by Alexander Iezzi and Viktor Timofeev at 427, Riga

'drawings', a Group Show at 650mAh, Hove

'God Room' by Viktor Timofeev at Alyssa Davis Gallery, New York

'Disorder', a Group Show at Bozar, Brussels

Viktor Timofeev: 'That is probably the only absolute truth I do believe in: the n

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