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Vitaly Bezpalov

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'Terminal B', Group Show Curated by PLAGUE at Smena, Kazan

'Dead Season' by Vitaly Bezpalov & Karina Azizova at Spas Setun, Moscow

'FAM', Group Show at Zape, Valencia

'VITALY' by Vitaly Bezpalov at Devyatnadtsat, Moscow

'Œuvres Collectives & Insectes Sélectionnés' by New Scenario at after hours, Pari

'Spas Setun Dystopian Party Collection', Group Show at Spas Setun, Moscow

Money Gallery at BIENVENUE ART FAIR, Hotel La Lousiane, Paris

'Case Study: The Corporate Stoner', Group Show Curated by Christian Roncea at Qua

‘HEAD’ by Vitaly Bezpalov at IP Vinogradov, Moscow

'BRUDAHOLEN', Off-Site Group Show Organised by Altan at Cabin Brudaholen, Skihell

Joey Holder: ‘I hope that art can continue to question the dominant structures’

'CHERNOBYL PAPERS' by New Scenario, an online group exhibition inside the core zo

'Quintessence II' by Vitaly Bezpalov at Plague Space, Krasnodar

'Mirror vs. mold', Group Show at Other Subject, New York

'Happy New Year', Group Show at Plague Space, Krasnodar

Nuno Patrício, O Fluxo: ‘Thankfully, there is a place for everything to exist in

'Deformation without tearing and gluing', Group Show at Carbone 20, Saint-Etienne

'Ghosthouse', a Group Show at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen

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