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'Urban Antibodies', Group Show at Weekend, Athens

'Perfumed Envelopes Travel: Avalon of the Heart' by Amalia Vekri and Valinia Svor

'Silent Machines', Off-Site Show Organized by Hyperlink Athens

'ENDYMION / Chapter 1: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse' by Valinia Svoronou at B & M Theo

'It moves and it shouts', a Group Show at Haus N Athen, Athens

'Seeds of Caelum', an Online Group Show by Hyperlink Athens Curated by Christina

'For the Pigeons', Off-site Show by Johanna Blank and Kate Bush at Botanical Gard

YGRG159 by Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė at ANTI- Athens Biennale 6 and at Ka

'When the Sun Goes Up: Bar Stories in 3 Acts' by Vasilis Papageorgiou at Hot Whee

'High Tide Planetary Pull II' by Valinia Svoronou // Hot Wheels Projects at Art A

'Buttered daylight' by Hypercomf at Athens Conservatoire, Athens

‘A touch of magic in this world obsessed with science’ by Amalia Vekri at Fokidos

'Accidental Encounters', a Group Show Curated by Hyperlink at Grace, Athens

'A Night in Alexander', Online Group Show Curated by Gregory Blunt at Alexander S

Benedikt Bock and Felix Pötzsch at AKROKORINTHOU 3, Athens

'Soft Spot' by Hypercomf at Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center, Athens

'Marzanna, Yours Again' by Zoe Paul and Faye Wei Wei at Hot Wheels Projects, Athe

'Not Ready Yet', a Group Show at Enterprise Projects, Athens

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