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Skelf II' by Daniel Burley at GAO Gallery, London

'Snowshoe Hare and Allies' by Emily Jones at Almanac, London

'Soul of Calypso' by core.pan at Gossamer Fog, London

Viktor Briestensky and Wieland Schönfelder at Lady Helen, London

'The Big Four' by Bob Bicknell-Knight and Rosa-Maria Nuutinen at Harlesden High S

Lukas Müller, SAGG Napoli at Lady Helen, London

'Tangled Depictions' by Michele Gabriele at Gossamer Fog, London

'Dream of the Shore Near Another World' by Avery Noyes at Harlesden High Street,

'Nomo' by Nicola Tirabasso at Goldsmiths Laurie Grove Bath, London

'In Action' by Perce Jerrom at Ben Pimlott Building, London

Chris Thompson at Brockley Gardens, London

'Rebel Without A Cock' by Kembra Pfahler at Emalin, London

'Night Market Vol 1', a Group Show Curated by Klara Vincent-Novotna & Jonny Tanna

'The Charade', a Group Show Organised by Ginny Projects for Lock Up International

'Daughters of Hecate', a Group Show at White Crypt, London

'Sunday Fantasy' by Zoe Williams at Mimosa House, London

'Whale Fall' Curated by Most Dismal Swamp at Gossamer Fog, London

'synthetic, access, Italy' by Philipp Simon at Rollaversion, London

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