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'᙭TᖇEᗰE ᗰI᙭❀ᒪ✥GIᔕTᔕ', Group Show at Erratum Galerie, Berlin


The board turned over in a twist of more than a thousand turns. It is difficult to understand which pieces belong to whom. Who is playing for whom, against whom, or is it both at the same time? Even more difficult to detect is who is not playing at all; although, that would seem to be an unsolvable paradox as even the most subtle forms of silence can become a strategic move. It is also very difficult to know whether one is winning or losing, or both. In the end, what matters most to the game is that it is always being played.  
A board with millions of pieces, glowing frantically by day and plunging into gloom by night. The simulation comes from an incredibly old program called CDMXtreme. At its most critical core it can be plotted as a spider's web, which at the crossing of its white lines that glow in the dark, keeps each player in position, always awake, always vigilant, always ready to become prey or demon. It is never quite clear what one can become; in the ambivalence of its contradictions the dynamics of its rules perpetuate. 

It could also be called the CDMatriX. A simulation with an insuperable number of levels that replicate in iterative loops with fractal equations, impossible to go through all its layers. The ultimate fun lies in the risk. Only when the time is right, will your true self know whether to take the challenge or escape. 

A knife that takes out another knife. A spit of blood in the mouth while cutting each other's lip with the same knife orgasmically. In the mouth you no longer know whose blood is whose, but the blood always tastes just as good. In the simulation you mix fluids casually while running through the fabric that interconnects the players, all connected to the drama. A sweet and painful elixir that lights up the eyes and expands the veins so that more stimuli can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Always more elaborate, always smarter. The players develop a keen sense of psychology. They skilfully manipulate it, either to obtain items from the players who have more, or to obtain emotional capital which in its proper synthesis is converted into more drama, like a currency that is traded as if local crypto. The instant an act is committed, or a word spoken, it is immediately assimilated by the algorithm that disperses it to the entire network for a decentralised checkup that communicates between its players at the speed of Instagram stories. 

Everyone is in the web, everyone is part of the game, the web governs the rules. In it, everyone can become, in a very casual and elegant way, either predators or preyed upon. The game itself is the master model that keeps everyone active, no one quite understands how to play it or why, but sooner or later everyone learns. Within the simulation everyone finds their true selves. 

14.8.21 — 26.8.21

Invited by Emma Pidré w/ José Eduardo Barajas, Bungalovv, Andy Medina, Emma Pidré

Text by Emma Pidré, Flyer Kmi Koni + Bungalovv / Text correction and notes Rachael Spink

Soundtrack by Bungalovv

Photo by Daniel Hölz

Erratum Galerie

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