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Maja Čule at ČEKAONA, Zagreb

Maja Čule’s exhibition at ČEKAONA includes drawings, prints and a sculpture.
The recording of a guided tour includes a commentary by orthodontist Dr. Željka Lovrić and Sister Lea. 
ČEKAONA is located in the waiting room of dr. Željka Lovrić’s dental practice at 5 Bogovićeva Street, Zagreb, Croatia. Exhibitions are organized by TARWUK and Dr. Željka Lovrić, previous shows include work by artists; David Armacost, Gregory Gentert, Will Stewart.
Maja Čule is a Croatian artist and film director living in New York.  Previous exhibitions include: Mouth at Arcadia Missa Gallery, London, A Feature Shared By All at Company Gallery, New York, and collaborations with DIS.

1.6.21 — 1.8.21

2021 05:07’’

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