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'LOVE STREAMS' by Mahalia Köhnke-Jehl and Michaël Harpin at In.Plano, Paris

Ghost communications, Ethernet cables, group conversations and a blonde who called in 1984 her ex-husband from a red phone to ask him "do you think that love is a continuous stream?".
Bringing together Mahalia Köhnke-jehl and Michaël Harpin for a duo show came from an intuition, a desire to see their work exist together in a space, the idea that similarities exist in the relationship they establish with sculpture and in the way the living beings hybridize throught them.
Both artists maintain a sensual relationship with the inanimate, an appetite for entomological observation and science-fiction.
The exhibition highlights intuitive construction by offering a framework for the meeting of two works which proposes a complex and demanding vision of our world. Then specific connexions rose through the prep aration work : a cat that allows you to phone your friends stranded somewhere on a beach, Ethernet cables recovered in an old telecom center, a teenager mascot, large semi-carrion sculptures half- Dickinsonia, a decomposition of chronophotographic type movements materialized, 3D images from photogrammetry of abandoned objects...
From all this emerges a certain idea of links, of what permit us to communicate today. And to finish off, two "lovers" appear discreetly like a message in a bottle. Their presence claims friendly, fundamental and necessary relationship between artists."

— Tania Gheerbrant

Curated by Tania Gheerbrant

Photo by Salim Santa Luccia


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