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'FLIGHT TO NOWHERE' by Bernhard Holaschke at Plague Space, Krasnodar

The departure
The the tower control 
Extracts or compress
Archaeopterix (Jesus) 
The skeleton of an extinct or ancestral form of life mentors our kind on the flight to nowhere. As an ambassador of accomplished experiences it serves as the never ending light as the dear Lord does for those other guys that are around. The space itself refers to a cabin of a contemporary winged vehicle that carries our kind very close the sun over and around this blue lagoon of the universe. Is it that we fly(ght) too high and our wings fall off as Ikarus’ wings have? The ambassadors opinion might be called for on this matter, is it as an air traffic controller, the ambassador? Permission to land cuz we have already departed? Hanging in the a1r with beautifu1 house2 enriche2 our life2. COUNTDOWN. This is not Texas, Houston, this is nowhere and we do not know the COUNTsDOWN’s length or weather or whether it goes up or down -  a metaphor of turbulences? Will the stones fall off the houses like the wings from angels if they do not please the gods? Let’s get down to nowhere, from above it matches the colors of the sky surrounding us. The blue sea and the blue sky are even more spectral than we thought. Air Traffic control, permission to land? The artist ¿your pilot? invites you to the cabin of the flight to nowhere by serving flowers, depicting the fogs and showing Ikarus’ released feathers spinning to darken the sky. Look at the windows, nowhere must be so beautiful.

— Alex Pilarski

28.8.21— 20.9.21

Plague Space

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