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'Fenêtres et Crépuscule' by Ludovic Beillard at Jeune Création, Romainville

We must see the works of Ludovic Beillard (1982, Bordeaux, France) as assemblies of multiple processes in which he makes the subjects speak through gestures oscillating between experimentation and craftsmanship. His plastic work allows him to divert anecdotes, memories and domestic images to bring them closer to a mystical essence that only he can summon. It is with an empirical passion and references related to Gothic sculpture, the medieval period or the comedia del arte that he composes his exhibitions in a theatrical way by exaggerating the perspectives and the attitudes by the grotesque and proposing encompassing universe. Ludovic Beillard also creates architectures that work like games of chance. Punctuated by the desire to capture the living, the elusive to freeze it, it is in an alchemical way that his work evokes the materialistic overthrow in a constant questioning around the notion of formless.

— Nadiejda Hachami

24.1.20 — 2.2.20

Jeune Création

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