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'Evil Moon' by Dani Arnica at Freddy's Bell Tower, New York

Your days are numbered. Even though you’ve still got food and water, you know it won’t last forever. A day will come when you grow hungry but realize it’s harder to find crabs than it was before. And the coconut trees will look a little more bare. And the realization will set in that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. The island holds all the power, and you are simply a pest feeding off of all its resources. 

And when you die, the coconuts will continue to grow, and the crabs will repopulate. You may be mortal, but the island lives on forever. So you hatch a plan to get yourself off of this island once and for all. You feel a cool breeze from the Pacific tide and gaze up at the night sky. “I know you can change the tides and I know my fate is in your hands, but you’re not the boss of me anymore.” The dryness on your tongue goes away and you crack an evil smile. 



'Squeaky Beach' by Collective Disgrace (Ilana Winderickx, Sophie Conus, Pablo Rez

'Session N1 Distant touch' by Sasha Gosmant and Olesia Lavrinenko at Daipyat, Vor

'...schläft sich durch' by Elif Saydam at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg

'Flesh of Earth' by Suzanna Zak at Prairie, Chicago

Proudfoot & Piasecka (ft. Nima Séne, Ailie Ormston and William Darrell), ENSEMBLE

'Šedý girlandy' by Anka Helfert at Studio PRÁM, Prague

'Castles III' by Jesse Sullivan at apartment 13

'You Likey?' by Joe W. Speier at King’s Leap, New York

'À fleur de boue' by Cecilia Granara & Pierre Unal-Brunet at Double Séjour, Clich

'Fog Palace' by Philip Hinge & Club Superette (presented by Catbox Contemporary)

'Truth' by Alexey Zhuravlev at Gallery Victoria, Samara

'Siren Fort', Off-Site Group Show at Rozel Point Oil Field, Utah

'Glück für Sorgenkinder' by Isadora Vogt at Sentiment, Zurich

'Tales of Nursing' by Loren Kagny at eeeeh!, Nyon

'FRANKFURZ' by Niclas Riepshoff at Schwabinggrad, Munich

'KITA' by Dasha Kuznetsova at Fragment gallery, Moscow

'The Strongest Muscle in the Human Body is the Tongue' by Goda Palekaite at Edito

'look past this', Group Show at mcg21xoxo, Chiba

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