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EPISODE 3: 'Bird Song' by Christian Thomsen (Fjorsk) at Vogelsang, Germany

I find it irksome to give a detailed,      consecutive account of my wanderings inside that cavernous,                                   aeon-dead honeycomb of primal masonry. 
One hears the rustling of wind in        the leaves,
forgotten bells sounding, their origin or corporeality impossible to pinpoint and further concealed by the                   piercing notes made          by the hidden birds.
The idea that learners enter into a liminal state in their attempts to grasp certain concepts in their subjects, presents a powerful way       of remembering and learning, involving identity shifts which can                         entail troublesome, unsafe journeys.
(he shortly found this process to be dysfunctional)
Peering through the impenetrable woods, I found transparent glimpses which revealed submerged            structures, tightly shuttered by the ground, for the first times in many ages, the face echoed the tread of human feet, lingering       in a liminal state, an unstable space in which one may oscillate between old and emergent understandings.
boosted in the middle of the woods – stranded,
subsequently gaining the impression that this place had been deliberately closed and deserted, rather                than overwhelmed by some sudden calamity or by gradual decay.
 Image-leaking is permissive- investigate & document;  an inanimate gatekeeper says.
                       A glacial gust of air came from its’ aperture,
the waves didn’t even have to speak with it, they just controlled his pathway from afar

— Dharma Initiatives 


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Dharma Initiatives

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