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'Cold Storage' by Jure Kastelic at White Crypt, London

Featuring new paintings and works on paper, the title of Jure Kastelic’s solo show, Cold Storage is a play on words that references the underground stone chamber of White Crypt, a formerly sacred space used for storing relics, whilst simultaneously alluding to the term’s use in relation to Bitcoin. In the world of cryptocurrency, ‘cold storage’ refers to an offline wallet where money is kept without needing a third party to access it. It is arguably the safest mode of storing cryptocurrencies and a method that resists theft by hackers and malware. 

Kastelic’s works oscillate between the depiction of scenes of his personal life to discoveries from the artist’s research into the seductive aspects of technology and the unsexy side of money. Such discoveries include the self regulating ‘Flyball Governor’ mechanism, introduced with Watt’s 1788 steam engine and Robertson’s 1803 fictional hot air balloon ‘La Minerve’, designed for scientific explorations around the globe. 

Exploring his personal joys and ‘future memories’, Kastelic’s alluring palette and uncanny compositions invite the viewer on a trip down a rabbit hole into the background of existing subcultures of our digital and financial environments. 

8.2.20 — 7.3.20

White Crypt

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