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'Center of the Universe' by Sylvie Hayes-Wallace at Bad Water, Knoxville

Center of the universe is my head - everywhere I have ever lived - the space I have rented in NYC - a maze - a rats race - exhaustion, overwhelming - getting lost and the inability to follow a thought - chaos - a jumble - living inside one’s head - never ending to-do’s - money worries, hypochondria, memories - getting sucked into a black hole - life insurance - 0% APR - notes to self - self-presentation - femininity, pink, purple, aqua nail polish - metal - New York City - feeling like you can’t win - feeling like there is no escape - not knowing where to go - my world is different than my neighbor’s - my walls are another color - my clothes look different - a big piles of papers on a desk - feeling desperate like a rodent - femininity - the female psyche - sardonic violence - a trap - a cute, comfortable room - a cute, comfortable memory - paranoia - anxiety, a train of thoughts - shiny new surfaces and worn down Dr. Scholl’s - porn - body pain - trying to remember something - anti-fungus medication for my toes - birth control - toxic shock syndrome - heaviness - getting weighed down - being buried - inability to articulate - the inside - interiority - a closed container - wanting a brain transplant - exhaustion - time - precarity - falling apart - feeling fragmented and a mess - like you come off too strong - like no one can fully get it - just a sum of parts - like being too much and not perfect enough - insecurity painted over facades - disguised as pretty, attractive surfaces - feminine darkness - not knowing what to say or how to move forward - being stuck 

The above text is an excerpt from the book Center of the Universe produced by Sylvie Hayes-Wallace and Rebecca Lothan in conjunction with the exhibition. It features texts from Sylvie Hayes-Wallace, Zoe Brezsny, Audrey Gair, Bailey Conolly, Joe Speier, Clare Suffern, Isaac Brosilow, Kelsey Isaacs, Almog Cohen-Kashi, Juli Brandano and David Walker. 

5.8.22 — 30.9.22

Bad Water

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