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'Call it in the Air', Group Show at Dzialdov, Berlin

The exhibition brings together artworks which in some way or another generate zones of emptiness, in an attempt to explore the unique character of these entities. 

An empty space is always empty of something, and if we try to get a sense of what that thing might be, we can make it dance with possibilities. What we imagine will probably be less about the space and more about our own desires, and so as long as the space remains empty and human desires shifting, a play carries on. 

Similarly to when a coin is tossed and we call in mid-air “heads” or “tails” - the thing we desire is neither heads nor tails (that obviously doesn’t matter, or we wouldn’t have left it up to a coin toss). What we desire is to extend the moment of anticipation, the moment of pure potential, the moment when all the different options are spinning in the air. 

20.11.21 — 5.12.21

Noémi Barbaglia, Noi Fuhrer, Marie Pietsch


'Like a Moth to a Flame' by Luca Florian at Atelier 35, Bucharest

'Social Agony Conscious Healing' by Jack Kennedy at Forth, Nottingham

'CELESTIAL POETICS', Group Show Curated by Liam Denny at Greenhouse Off-site, Mel

'GRAFT' by Amitai Romm at VEDA, Florence

'Terrapozzoli' by Martina Kügler at Mountains, Berlin

'Un perfume sin soporte, un gasto puro' by Marina Glez. Guerreiro and Raúl Lorenz

'Misty’s Tears', Off-Site Show by Gitte Maria Möller in Unitarian Church, Cape To

'Meditations on Entropy' by X Breidenbach at NIGHTTIMESTORY, Los Angeles

'Plague Expo Show', Group Project at Plague Office and Sasha Shardak's studio, Ka

'Re: Recover; Don't make angels dream of' by Yamamoto Shohei at Ritsuki Fujisaki

'Peel' by Stian Ådlandsvik at Van Etten Gallery, Oslo

'Figures of Speech', Group Show Curated by Dobroslawa Nowak and Nicola Nitido at

'Wet Wishes' by Laura Ní Fhlaibhín at Britta Rettberg, Munich

'The Descent', Off-Site Group Project at Mount Douglas Cave, Victoria

'Big Beat Disaster' by DIS at Project Native Informant, London

'Ambergris' by Ánima Correa at Hunter Shaw Fine Art, Los Angeles

'Necromancer' by Andrew Roberts at House of Chappaz, Valencia

Joshua Abelow at Kunsthalle Wichita

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