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'Baroque Topologies', Group Show Curated by Kea Bolenz und Louis Hay at Kunstverein Leipzig, Leipzig

Pursuing the baroque forms we follow a line that starts to vibrate. Stretched out into space, its momentum becomes the curvature of a surface, which grows into a vortex, bulging out further and further, folding in and out until it forms a complex body. In the Baroque, the mathematical theory of space is joined by the dimension of time. Under it, our line begins to lurch and create an imbalance. A break with symmetry occurs and bends the line into an ellipse. It begins to rotate and trace a spiral. If we imagine this spiral and reenact its incessant rotation in our thoughts, it creates a feeling of vertigo. Perception is thrown into a tailspin. Old familiar coordinates and orientation-giving borders dissolve. In the baroque topology, the difference between an objectively measurable external world and the subjective world of experience starts to blur. It is a fluid gesture that moves between and beyond categories formerly considered separate – body and mind, emotion and intellect, matter and information, you and I, I and O. This movement, this shape-shifting line, seems to contain valuable potential. It is this power to connect and dissolve old categories that presents itself as a baroque quality to us. With the exhibition we want to put particular attention to this as we try to make sense of the culture that surrounds us.

5.6.21 — 14.8.21

Maya Ben David, Jonathan Castro, Simon Denny, UCC Harlo, Su Yu Hsin, Mathieu Malouf, Arnold Trautwein, Jonas Wendelin, Leah Walker, Cajsa von Zeipel

Text contributions by Kea Bolenz, Louis Hay, Benedikt Kuhn, Amar Priganica, Tina Schulz, Natalya Serkova, Arnold Trautwein and Isabel Waidner

Photo by Christian Doeller

Kunstverein Leipzig

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'OUTER DARKNESS', Off-Site Project by Allyson Packer in 1698 GALISTEO, SANTA FE

'mareas' by Elizabeth Burmann at Galeria Patricia Ready, Santiago

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